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Fit Friday…Zoodles!

I keep seeing lots of posts on how to substitute healthy foods for not so healthy ones. Cauliflower for mashed potatoes… Spaghetti squash for pasta... Zucchini for everything… Skeptical, I laugh and think, “Don’t mess with my mashed potatoes!” Last week, I decided to give one of these … [Read More...]


Grey Hair and Soup Cans

Looking over my calendar for the week, I noticed my favorite day was just around the corner. Hair Day! Thank goodness too, because my natural blonde was shining through…really grey, but let’s not be negative…blonde works for me. So I headed to the … [Read More...]


Fit Friday Getting Back on Track…

OK friends, it’s confession time. I've eaten too much Nutella. There I said it. The truth hurts.  I’m nearing 40, and my body is going downhill. I have gained 10 pounds in the last year… Well, probably closer to 15, but who’s counting?   I’m … [Read More...]