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Fear in God’s light…

As I was checking out at Target last week, Bryce climbed up on the edge of the counter, peered over, and started, “Can I pweese have a ring?” The clerk looked confused. I rolled my eyes, “Buddy, that’s the grocery store. They don’t have rings here.” He continued, undaunted, “How ‘bout a … [Read More...]

Why eyebrows?

Last week I had a jewelry show and Coach had practice, so our oldest was babysitting. I kept my phone close at hand just in case. Just before I started my show, I noticed that I had a text. Anxious that it may be one of the kids, I skimmed over it … [Read More...]

Fit Friday…Zoodles!

I keep seeing lots of posts on how to substitute healthy foods for not so healthy ones. Cauliflower for mashed potatoes… Spaghetti squash for pasta... Zucchini for everything… Skeptical, I laugh and think, “Don’t mess with my mashed … [Read More...]