Why eyebrows?

Last week I had a jewelry show and Coach had practice, so our oldest was babysitting. I kept my phone close at hand just in case. Just before I started my show, I noticed that I had a text. Anxious that it may be one of the kids, I skimmed over it checking for blood… It was my … [Read more...]

Grey Hair and Soup Cans

Looking over my calendar for the week, I noticed my favorite day was just around the corner. Hair Day! Thank goodness too, because my natural blonde was shining through…really grey, but let’s not be negative…blonde works for me. So I headed to the salon, and asked Brittany to … [Read more...]

Is it Bedtime yet?

It’s 7:00 on a Wednesday night. Coach took the kids to church for me, and I finally, finally, have a little peace and quiet to write.  I sit down, Petey curls up next to me, and I got nada.  I’m so exhausted from chasing kids around that my mind can’t slow down enough to even … [Read more...]

The Tooth Fairy…

Bryce bounced down the hall and into my room singing like he does most mornings. I opened my eyes to see his little face within a few inches of mine grinning from ear to ear. Very animated he began, “Mo-om! The tooth fairy come see me last night!” Puzzled, I blinked, my … [Read more...]

Where in the World?

“Mom, Where is Ba-Tokyo?” Asked my six-year old. I looked at him puzzled.  He often mixes up his words.  But this one?  I was at a loss.  “Where, Buddy?” “Ba-Tokyo,” he answered confidently. I thought very hard. “Why are you asking that?” I asked, stalling for more … [Read more...]

Gobble Gobble

On our way to church last week, deep in thought, I stared out the window…a million things going through my mind. Griffin said, “Mom, don’t worry, on Thanksgiving, I can speak turkey.” He started gobbling. The 3 year old chimed in even louder. He sounded like a dying … [Read more...]