Fear in God’s light…


As I was checking out at Target last week, Bryce climbed up on the edge of the counter, peered over, and started, “Can I pweese have a ring?” The clerk looked confused. I rolled my eyes, “Buddy, that’s the grocery store. They don’t have rings here.” He continued, undaunted, … [Read more...]

Mom’s Night Out…


Friday night we rented the movie, “Mom’s Night Out.”  If you have not seen this movie yet, well, you just must! When it was still in theaters a few of my friends and I went out to see it, and then to the Cheesecake Factory afterwards.  I ate the White Chocolate Caramel … [Read more...]



Be thankful in all circumstances. Finding joy in the little things will get you through the hard days. I have been to other countries where poverty is so extreme. I went with the intention of helping, yet I came home humbled and have learned so much. I have noticed that in … [Read more...]

The Son Still Shines…


Driving down the road…lost in my thoughts…..the sun setting… Suddenly I hear a little voice, “Mommy!  Make the sun stop!  It’s hurting my eyes!” I adjusted the visor just as the sun went behind the trees. “Thanks Mommy, “came the same sweet sing-songy voice. I turned … [Read more...]

Girl-Talk and Grits


My friend Kara texted me, “How does your week look to meet for coffee?” She and I have been saying for a long time that we need to get together sometime. I looked at my crazy calendar, “How about Friday morning?” I dropped Bryce off with a friend down the street, and … [Read more...]

You are beautiful…

I rounded the corner of the carpool line, mind wandering in a million different places…I finally made my way up to the front.  My turn had arrived. Brady climbed in the front seat and grinned from ear to ear as he saw my face. I returned the smile, my heart melting at the … [Read more...]