Fit Friday…Zoodles!

I keep seeing lots of posts on how to substitute healthy foods for not so healthy ones.

Cauliflower for mashed potatoes…

Spaghetti squash for pasta…

Zucchini for everything…

Skeptical, I laugh and think, “Don’t mess with my mashed potatoes!”

Last week, I decided to give one of these crazy ideas a try. I really wanted to see if they were just tolerable, or actually a good yummy substitute. I’ve made “healthy brownies” before, and threw out the entire pan. They were disgusting.

Since zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables, I decided to start there. Zoodle Spaghetti, that’s what’s on the menu.  I just knew that making my own noodles was going to be a terrible, long, and drawn out process. Just in case they were nasty, I also made a pot of real pasta. Much to my surprise the zoodles took the same amount of time to prepare/cook as the real pasta. Very simple and easy.

I made my normal pasta sauce, using venison, to go along with the zoodles/noodles. Many people cringe at the thought of eating venison. It’s actually one of the healthiest meats that you can eat. If you use it in pasta sauces and chilies, you really can’t tell a difference between venison and beef.  Click here to get the sauce recipe.

I set some water on the stove to boil the “real pasta.” As I waited for the water to boil, I sliced my zucchini. Not having any fancy “noodle slicing tools” in my kitchen, and not wanting to buy any just yet until I knew if I even liked them or not, I chose my potato peeler and just peeled away. They weren’t pretty, but got the job done.

Then I simply put the zoodles in the microwave for 2 minutes. Here’s the recipe I used. She gives great tips and details for making zoodles.

I plated them, and held my breath.

I took a small bite, hesitantly. Then gobbled up the rest. I had 2 of my picky eaters close their eyes and try them too. Everybody liked them! They really are a great substitute for pasta.

Try them, I double dog dare ya!



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