Pantry Organization

I was infected with the “organization bug” recently and got a hold of a label maker.

Found some Chevron bins.


Bought them all, of course. Every Pantry needs a little Chevron.


Cleaned out my nasty pantry.

And went “label-maker-crazy.”  Well, actually my “mini-me” daughter made all of the labels. Love her!


Created a “lunch zone.”


Organized our water bottles thanks to my best friend, Shannon, for this tip.  I now have shoe organizers over every closet door in my house.  I got a little carried away, but it’s an awesome idea!


This is one of my favorite spots…


I use the Calendar as a “Menu Planner” each week. My sis-in-law made the cute Birthday board for me for Christmas.  Thanks, April!

And now to keep it this way…


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