The Tooth Fairy…

Bryce bounced down the hall and into my room singing like he does most mornings.

I opened my eyes to see his little face within a few inches of mine grinning from ear to ear.

Very animated he began, “Mo-om! The tooth fairy come see me last night!”

Puzzled, I blinked, my eyes trying hard to focus, “She did?”

He continued excited, “Wook! Mom! My white underwear is gone! She brought me some pull-ups!”

As the hazed lifted, I laughed, not knowing how to respond to his excitement, “Wow! The tooth fairy brought you pull-ups?”

He skipped out of my room off to tell his sister the exciting news.

Our tooth fairy is pretty…um, well, let’s see….

When Grace was little, she was amazing. Grace would leave a cup of water next to her bed just in case the tooth fairy was thirsty and needed a drink. The tooth fairy would often take a sip catching part of her dress in the water as she flew off…leaving the water a pretty color. One time, she wore a blue dress, another time, a green dress. She never left a boring old dollar either, but always, always a shiny golden coin. She was the best tooth fairy ever. She was so amazing in fact, that I believe she got a promotion and moved up higher in the ranks of fairy land. That is the only thing that really explains the boys’ tooth fairies.

When the boys came around, we clearly had a different tooth fairy. Sometimes she would leave the coveted golden coins, and sometimes she would leave them a boring old dollar. Sometimes, the boys can find what she leaves, and sometimes…well, they can’t. Sometimes she comes on the same day, and sometimes, she makes an appearance a day or 2 later. We have to be pretty forgiving of our tooth fairy around here, and just love her anyway. She must be in training.

For example, my 6 year old will run in our room first thing in the morning tears in his eyes, “Mom! The tooth fairy didn’t come!”

I look over at Coach with panic in my eyes. “Oh, Yes, buddy, you lost a tooth yesterday, didn’t you? Is your tooth still under your pillow?”

I cross my fingers hoping it fell off of his bed somewhere.

He shakes his head, “I didn’t see it anywhere.”

Coach jumps up and runs to his closet scrambling around. He emerges with a triumphant look on his face as I continue to stall pulling my sweet pitiful 6 year old in for a hug, “mmmmm….well, are you sure you looked everywhere? Maybe you slept all crazy last night, and it just fell off your bed. I think we should go and check. Wait for me for just a second, while I brush my teeth. That’s very important to the tooth fairy, you know.”

He looks back at me uncertain. Coach walks back in and chimes in, “Yeah, buddy, I think you and mom should go and check again.”

We head back to his room, and amazingly, we find it!

Brady frowns, “It’s just a dollar, mom. Why didn’t she bring one of her golden coins?”

I look up at coach helplessly, “Well, buddy, maybe the next time. I bet she thought you would like a whole dollar this time.”

Other times Brady might say, “Yes, the tooth is still there” with his little shoulders slumped.  Surprising to everyone when we go back to look, there is a dollar on the floor, even though the tooth is still under his pillow.  We simply shrug and  figure that Petey must have scared her, and she just dropped everything….tooth, dollar…everything!

Or perhaps our tooth fairy might forget to come all together because well, when she scrambled around in the morning, there was no money in her purse, under the cushions, or in Coach’s closet…nada. On those days, we figure, she just had too many teeth that night, but that’s OK because that just means, she’ll bring an extra dollar tomorrow! So it’s actually a little bit exciting around here when she doesn’t make an appearance at all.

She’s just a little scatter-brained…

So much so that Grace might leave a sticky note on the tooth fairy’s bathroom mirror, or send the tooth fairy a text trying to help a girl out.

Pathetic, I know.

But pull-ups?

That’s a new one.

He walked into my room with an intense seriousness, carrying his play vacuum, “Mom, I going to vacuum your room for you, so the tooth fairy will bring you nice clean underwear. You don’t worry, Ok, mom!”

I laughed. He believes with his whole heart that the tooth fairy brought him a pull-up last night.

What really happened? You may be wondering.

The night before, I was working. When Coach went to put Bryce to bed, he realized we were out of pull-ups. Instead, he put him in some thick white underwear with plastic pants on top. I returned home after Bryce when to bed, so Coach headed up to the store for pull-ups. Bryce apparently has zero memory of his Daddy waking him up in the night, taking him to the potty, and replacing the white pants with a pull up.

To Bryce, it’s yet again, our very special tooth fairy…she brings us all kinds of things around here…

When she remembers…

He’s already asked me what she’s going to bring tonight.




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